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Gluten Free Social Influencers that we LOVE

Jessie Obien

Amazing feeds are easy to come by on Instagram. However amazing Gluten Free and Nut Free are sadly, not! So, we've taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of incredibly skilled content makers from Instagram - who knows, you might just find your new favourite gluten-free cafe thanks to them!


  1. Lisa Brooke aka @spoonfulofpixels treats her followers to an Instagram feed worthy of being featured in the world's best food magazines. Check her out for some amazing feeds.
  2. Amanda the @cleanfoodi from Sweden posts incredible sugar free and mostly raw sweets.
  3. @georgiaeats is a fellow Melbournian, just like Baked on Bond! Her feed is 10-% gluten free, so you're sure to find a cafe or treat which suits you on her feed. 

If you have any gluten-free or nut-free recommendations, comment below!

Happy Instagraming!

Living the Gluten Free Lifestyle

Jessie Obien

In recent years, the gluten free lifestyle has boomed in popularity - and for good reason.

Gluten-rich foods have a tendency of effecting the body in such a way, that even having the slightest bite of a sweet treat can leave those sensitive to gluten in absolute agony. 

However for a lot people, living gluten free isn't a choice. Those with coeliac disease are forced to steer clear of breads, pastries, and numerous other foods, that most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at consuming. And this is where Baked on Bond is here to help.

At Baked on Bond, we make cookies that are great for the whole family, but especially those who need to avoid gluten in their diet. So, next time you're looking for that perfect afternoon-pick-me-up, or a delicious gluten-free and nut-free treat, Baked on Bond is the absolute PERFECT snack to reach for. 

The World's Best Gluten Free & Nut Free Monte Carlos

Jessie Obien

Gluten free and nut free doesn't always have to be chocolate based! Check out at this gorgeous berry spread from @amyleeactive 🍓🍓 🍓 How about making your own homemade Monte Carlo style treats? 🍪 ~Read on for the recipe~ 
1. Collect some of Baked on Bond's Anzac Biscuits from your local @woolworths_au 
2. Whip up some thickened cream. Pro tip: A little dash of vanilla in the cream will help it taste amazing.
3. Spread some of your favourite jam spread onto a Baked on Bond Anzac Biscuit. 
4. Spoon a dollop of cream on top of the jam & biscuit, and place another Baked on Bond Anzac biscuit on top.
5. Refrigerate for 20 mins (not any longer, or the biscuits will get soggy), and hey presto!
6. (Optional) Hide from anyone you live with, because these little gems WILL get gobbled down in no time! 😂😂